Marie & Polka illustrations (Experimentation is awesomeness in action!)

03 June 2010

Lately, I've been experimenting with style -- trying new approaches to my illustrative drawings, and discovering new ways of seeing and creating images.
Typically, I'm really hung up on form and I strive for a certain degree of realism in my work (the devil's in the details, always!) But I'm also drawn towards minimalism, and I love the mixture of subtle dimention and flat-pattern that's found in traditional Japanese paintings & woodblock prints...

So, with all that in mind, I decided to try a more minimalistic approach to a few drawings, throwing in a bit of mid-20th century mod, and a dash of contempo flare.
Over at Willowing's Ning, the monthly challenge theme is "girls and bears", so I used that as an inspirational jumping-off point, and here's what happened :

I sketched in graphite, and then finished the drawings with gel ink pens (love, love!).

When I scanned the drawings into my pc, a lot of the inks didn't show up (I think it was an issue with the gel -- maybe it's too reflective?) After several scanning failures, I ended up taking photographs of the sketches, and of course, they all turned out looking dark.
When I started adjusting the colours, light values, etc., some subtle yet interesting textural things started to happen in the areas where I didn't deleate the appearance of the paper's grain... So I left the paper grain in the dresses, I added some solid tones into the backgrounds, and voila!

I'm calling this new series "BonBons"
and I named the characters "Marie & Polka"...

Marie's a French girl, and spends a lot of time living in her immagination, where her bear, Polka, is her best friend in all the world. She tells him all her secrets and dreams, and through her eyes, Polka experiences all the celebrations and wonderments of life.

1 - Je t'aime" (I love you)

2 - Bonne Anniversaire (Happy Birthday)

3 - Je souhaite (I wish)

4 - Une historie d'amour (A love story)

5 - Un jour fleuri (A flowery day)

Right now, I think "Je t'amie", "Je souhaite", and "Bonne Anniversaire" are my favourites. I can't decide on which one I like best of all, from the bunch.

Which one is your favourite?


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