Mixed Media Collage : "I Nonni"

04 June 2010

While looking at some of the collages that I did last autumn, I got the itch to make something new... something more personal... something antique...

I started looking though my family photo albums, and I kept coming back to this same deep sepia portrait of my grandfather's parents. I think this was their engagement photo, or taken just after their wedding, circa 1922. I've always loved the "old world" look of this photo, and how they seemed so sweet together -- this was just the thing to use for a collage!

5 layers of paper and a whole mess of paint later, "I Nonni" (The Grandparents) was complete.

I really like the green petina of this little portrait -- there is a bit of golden shimmering paint that, sadly, didn't capture as well on the scanner as it does in person... I just love the gossimer effect... so dreamy.

Now that it's finished, and I'm satisfied, I think I'll look into getting some prints made for the family.

*dreamy sparkles of creative contentment*


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