23 July 2010

I've been trying my hand at a more whimiscal style lately, thanks to the teachings and inspirations of the wonderful Willowing (Tamara Laporte,) and her World of Whimsy 2 art course. Yay!

Here are two of my sketches from the first week of the course:

I'm loving the WOW2 course, everyone's wonderful, sharing lots of artmaking and possitive feedback -- so good for the heart!

I like to experiment with different art styles, which keeps my mind and my work fresh, motivated, and constantly evolving. Simplifying my lines, and focusing on a more childlike/playful way of making art has really lifted my spirits during this rainy, gloomy week, and I've had a really fresh surge of artistic inspiration!

A few of little whimsy-ish things I've done since yesterday:

(Pomme, which means apple, in French)

(Hathor, an Egyptian Goddess)

(heart beats, a tiny portrait of Björk)

Inspired. Motivated. Pleased as punch. (^_^)


Maja said...

I love your art and your presentation of yourself in your profile!

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