A beautiful day in Vichy

06 August 2010

Yesterday, I took a trip to Vichy with the family... had an all-day walk about and a picnic at Parc Naponléon, and a couple stops for coffee at some cute cafés.

Lucien gave me a birthday prezzie early: a kickass Kodax digital camera, with 10 megapixels! <3 (Love you, honey!) I was a picture snappin' fool dall day.

The light was perfect for taking sweet shots of plants in the park...

Lucien got some fun pics of me, too . . .

In the Parc Napoléon, by the "Source des Fées" (spring of the fairies,) one of the many water springs in Vichy.

Good times on the train, going home . . .

You know an outing without an autoportrait isn't possible from me . . .

A few shots of the passing countryside. Bales of hay, rivers, and sunflower fields.

Ola was totally zonked by the end of the trip.

So adorable, in her little travel bag (^_^) Cute, but heavy as hell! She's just a lttle over 10 kilos (22-ish lbs) now, which is significantly more than the 6 and ahalf kilos she weighed when I brought her home, in Feb. Although I'm glad she's a healthy weight now (my brain is glad, my back and shoulders however, are not...) she could use a little diet to shed off half a kilo. Time to cut back on bread nibbles!

Such a beautiful day. *sighs*
Tonight, I'm off to hide in the mountain pines for the weekend!

Ciao, à bientot!


Micki said...

Looks like you had fun, and what an adorable doggy friend you have there, so cute!!

Micki x

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