3 New Collages

14 September 2010

Yesterday was a busy day! I did three new artworks, each a collage, using pages from an old English dictionary.

This is the first time I've used dictionary pages in artworks, and I must say, I love it! In the past, I have hand-written word deffinitions into collages, but being able to rip-and-snip right from the book was a fun and fascinating process.

I chose some words that I liked... some are personal to me, and some are just things that I liked the look of, or the sound of. I tried to enorporate a few of the book's illustrations, here and there, too.

"Garden of Knowledge" was the first

Followed by "cof'fee n."

And then "Scorpion" (which was actually created on the 13th, which I think is spiffy!)


willowing said...

your work touches my core always dearest bonnie. xoox

Janie Husband said...

i love these collages bonnie.....beautiful

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