Kira San : Happy Travels and Rest in Peace

04 September 2010

So strange.
I just did his portrait a few days ago...
Yesterday, I posted a blog about it...
This morning, he's gone.

Kira San died quickly and peacefully this morning, under his water bottle. It looked like he got up, had a drink, and then curled up in the corner for a bath and a nap (as he often does after a water sip.) Lucien noticed that he was still, not breathing. When I picked him up, he was still warm, and there were no signs of blood, urine, or struggle. We think Death came quickly, plucked his spirit, and vanished.

Kira San's neck had been crooked for about 2 months. We suspected a stroke, but when I felt his neck this morning, I could feel a little boney bump. It seems he had broken it (probably from jumping off his box or his cube... that little acrobat!) Although his head was tilted, he ate, drank, dug, ran, and fussed around as usual, and didn't seem to be in pain. He adjusted, and his hamstery business went on as it always had.

He had his 2nd birthday in April, so in hamster-years, Kira San was about 88 years old. (His breed, Roborovski dwarf, lives 2 - 3 years.)

Happy Travels across the Universe, and Rest in Peace, funny old man!
You're probably off chasing your sister, Bianca, across the stardust of the Milky Way.
We'll always love you, Kira San, little puff of light.


Poetic Dreams said...

I am so sorry Bonnie for ya loss. It's not easy losing any pet, and I'm sure Kira San was quite happy when he was with ya. Big Giant Poe Hugs~

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