Mamut... I miss you already!

04 September 2010

It's ofiicial: Today SUCKS.

First Kira San... and now Mamut, the family cat.

I just heard, my mother-in-law took Mamut to the vet for The Big Sleep...

She was being treated for a severe bite on her neck, and today she was diagnosed with feline AIDS. The infection in her neck bite spread to her liver, and her white blood cell count was almost nil. Poor sweet kitty.

We will miss you Mamut, the Queen of Everything!

I'm going to find a big rock, climb under it, and hide until tomorrow.
Today has just been too fucking sad.


Micki said...

Omg I just want to hug you, what a horrid day you are having, i'm so sorry for your loss of the 2 sweet animal friends x

Micki x

Mr Lonely said...

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Julia Finucane said...

So sorry for your loss. It's really sad having to put pets to sleep because they are so much a part of the family. =(

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