Ola's 12th birthday

24 September 2010

Ola's birthday was on the 19th... OMGlitter she's 12!

Ola is a female wire fox terrier, who was adopted from a local shelter in Feb. 2010. She was 11 years old, with several chronic health problems, and in serious need of a bubble bath! Because of her age, she was free (since nobody wanted an old pooch like her.)

Now, she's in wonderful health for her age (still has a sensitive hip, but it's much improved!) she's a healthy weight (almost blubbery) and has regained a playful and energetic joie-de-vivre!

For her 12th birthday, Ola wore a special pink crown (she was surprisingly agreeable about it!) and had a delcious mini birthday cake, smothered in stinky gravy... fit for a princess!

Happy Birthday, Ola ! <3


Cameron said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Ola!!

That's showing them that our more "mature" doggies need lovin', too....and have a lot left to give :)

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