Halloween is almost here....

29 October 2010

The festival of fear is almost here... normally I'd be over-excited about it, but this year, just clearing the cloud of death that's covered my path, I'm not nearly as cheerful about the holiday as I otherwise would be.

However, I did decorate the apartment and I'm planning to carve my Jack O'Lantern tomorrow night. I really hope there'll be trick-or-treaters this year (France is still figuring out that Halloween is an awesome holiday, and that giving treats to begging kids in costumes is actually a fun thing to do!) I'm not planning to dress up much this year, but I do have my go-to witchy hat (and I'm making a matching one for Ola! Oh, she'll be thrilled...)

Dispite all the mourning and sadness that I'm trying to shake myself out of, I've put my mind to it : it will be a fun Halloween!


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