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12 October 2010

Jack L. Brizzi, Jr.
25 Oct 1976 - 27 Sept. 2010

Jack was one of the most honourable and loyal people I've ever known. His strength of conviction, his sense of justice, and his generous heart were unshakable, unstopable, and always inspiring. Jack was, above all other things, a gentleman, and the kind of man I was proud to call my friend, my brother-of-the-heart.

Always, he will be missed by those who knew him. Although we mourn his passing from this Earthly form, Jack lives on forever in our memories and in our hearts. I will carry his smile and his kindness with me, where ever I go.

May the Gates of Valhalla stand open wide to receive him, Jack Brizzi, Jr., a man of courageous spirit, who lived his life by a code of honour and respect, and always stood strong for his friends. Give him a seat in the Great Hall, fill his cup to the brim, and let the Hosts of the Sky sing songs of his graces and his valour!

We ask that his spirit have safe and pleasant passage into the next life, wherever his destiny takes him. Someday, we shall meet again, my cosmic brother, my Dragon friend.


Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Bonnie .. xoxo

Janie Husband said...

what a loving tribute, bonnie...

maryturzillo said...

I just found this, Bonnie. Thank you so much. I will treasure your beautiful words and your beautiful art forever.

Mary Turzillo

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