Blue Moon (new painting)

19 February 2011

"Blue Moon" (mixed media on wood)

The third project from Willowing's M3 course ( ) :
A mermaid, painted on wood, inspired by the style of Marc Chagall

Surprisingly, I really got into this project!

Although I like Chagall, it's so totally different from my own style, that I was hesitant to even take on the challenge of encorporating his elements and signature style into my own painting... But I took a chance, and wow, I'm so thrilled that I did! I'm relaly happy with my little painting, even moreso than with the previous two (both Mucha and Klimt were well within my comfort zone.)

A 15 x 15 cm wooden block is the base; I used Neocolour II crayons, white acrylic paint, graphite pencil, and just a tiny touch of coloured pencil. When it was done, I glazed the painting with gel medium, to seal in the colour and give it just a hint of gloss.

I love working on wood! This is my 5th painting on it. I'd never used water soluable crayons on wood before, though, so this was an interesting experiment for me. The wood really does absorb a lot of the saturation, but I found that when I wet the surface first, and then applied the crayon, I got a much more saturated and thick application of paint, which was helpful in the areas that I wanted to be more pigmented.

The idea of a dreamscape, which is often suggested in Chagall's work, was really appealing to me. I tried to create a space where it might be in the sea, or it might be in the sky... perhaps it's both places at once. The moon is harmonious with the ocean, and to me, both symbolize feminity, emotions, cycles, change, dreams, intuition, and profound feelings and thoughts.

The mermaid is cradling the moon, perhaps about to kiss her glowing cheek, and both their eyes are closed, with thoughful, quiet expressions... they are shaing thought, feeling the same feeling, two-yet-one, and one-yet-two. The moon is also a pearl, and it is also the mermaid's face, it is of the sky, of the sea, and of the body, embraced, but free.

The two fish are swimming towards each other, choosing different paths, but they share a common goal. I also liked the Piscean aspect of the two fish, as Pisces brings a lot of dreamy, changable, and emotional attributes.

The little dots of white might be stars, they might be bubbles within the water, they might be ripples on the surface of the water... they are all three.


jean said...

This piece of work is breath taking but when i read your description of every detail so vividly of it i am in awe. im glad the new medium has proven to be so sucessful. <3 jeanne

Cameron said...

Gorgeous....I love the colors you chose...and the symbology :)

Joy said...

Beautiful, I love it!!


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