"Fast Horse" (Tori Amos cover)

15 May 2011

A cover of Tori Amos' "Fast Horse" (from the Abnormally Attracted to Sin album). I broke the high E string on my guitar a few minutes beofre recording this (oops!) so it's a 5-string version (LOL)

I'm no great guitarist, but I like to play, and when I discovered that I knew most of the chords for the rythum guitar accompaniment for Fast Horse, well, I just had to learn it! Maybe someday I'll do another recording, with all 6 strings in tact. (LOL)

If you're not familiar with this song, it's about a woman's need to get back to her Cherokee roots, her need to turn away from needless materialism and ungreatfulness for the things she has in her life. She's let Bad Medicine into her life, and he's been hurtful, damaging, and a corruptive force in her life. Good Medicine is the wise voice of her ancestors, the fibres of her Native Self even, reminding her and guiding her with helpful and healing advice. He says she needs to find a healer, maybe even a Shaman, to "smoke out" Bad Medicine, and help her to be greatful for her simple gifts, and to remember who she is, from the roots to the core.

There are currents in this song that strike me deeply, and resonate... The first time I heard it, I lit the Sage, invited Good Medicine to come in... I cleansed, and I remembered...

When I sing this song, I feel Spirits come near, and some of them hum and chant softly with me. Some are silent, just listening. When I sing it, I feel the Sage smoldering, and my roots remember.


Dream With the Fishes said...

That was so, so lovely. I really enjoyed it.

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