The latest albino faerie is painted!

13 May 2011

"Équinoxe de l'Automne" is finished with watercolour and graphite pencil.

She and I have had several long conversations over the last few weeks, and it seems she finds my questions impertinent, and always replies with "None of your business." So, that being that, the contents of her little box are still unknown to me. When I inquire, she says: "You don't want to know."

Although certainly not a "bad faerie", she is unlikely to be much of anyone's friend, except perhaps for little white mice and small, fluttering creatures. She's silent, and stealthy, and appears suddenly from under shadow and branch, always accompanied by an gathering of little whispering companions. She may smile at you, and you are wise to smile in return... but do not ask to know what secrets she holds... you would be wiser to be without such wisdom. The most likely time to see her out-and-about is on the Autumn Equinox, particularly at the twylight of the evening, when both the sun and moon are hidden in haze of orange and violet light.


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