WhimWa is back!

19 June 2011

The Whimsical Watercolours Workshop is back! This time as a self-study edition.

Learn how to use watercolour paints to create whimsical and illustrative works of art, beginning with basic techniques, all the way to making mixed media paintings!

6 hours and 20 minutes of videos + pdf lessons

All videos and pdf materials can be downloaded, for you to keep. Watch and re-watch them anytime.

This is a self-study course. Watch, learn, and paint at your own pace.

( Personal critiques and live interaction with the instructor are not offered in this edition of
the Whimsical Watercolours Workshop.)

Four awesome weeks of

Learning, Painting, and Fun!

You must be a member of Willowing & Artist Friends to participate in this workshop.

It's a free online community which focuses on mixed media

whimsical, illustrative, journaling, and healing arts.

The Whimsical Watercolours Workshop Costs : 30£ (approx. $47 US dollars)

You can purchase this workshop with PayPal or with a major credit / debit card.

For more information and to join
this workshop, please CLICK HERE


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