09 August 2011

Yesterday, I doodled this funny little robot, and it occured to me: I couldn't remember the last time I doodled. I'm not sure when it began, exactly (I suppose since I stopped going to classes,) but I've nearly stopped doodling altogether.

Slightly alarming... I've always been a doodler... how can this be happening?!

I'm always preoccupied with a project, something to be completed, specified and pre-planned. There has been little engery left for doodle time. says:

doodle, noun

a design, figure, or the like, made by idle scribbling.

Archaic . a foolish or silly person

Interesting. I've never refered to a person as a "doodle". Seems like a bizare thing to say, to me.

Doodling, idle scribbling... but you know, it's actually quite a healthy thing to do. It's like meditation, free form movement, no planning, the hand becomes the tool, the tool becomes the mark, and the mark becomes itself, with no forethought, no constrictions. It's born of a pure and uninhibited creative process. A doodle is unique amoungst the masterworks and the blueprints, the sketches and the portraits. A doodle is the anarchist nomad of the artworld, a Beat poet, a phantom... a doodle is free to be what it will be.

There is wisdom in a doodle.


Cameron said...

She is quite an involved doodle! Doodling is fun, isn't it...I need to do it more, too....

Thanks for the reminder :)

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