It's been a busy summer!

22 September 2011

Summer brought me a bushel of commissions, particularly portraits of/with Tori Amos.
One lead to another, to another, to another... with a few paintings for myself once in a while, in between the requests.

I've been a busy summer bee, and now that I've had 2 weeks away from the paintbox, it's time to pick up the brush and begin anew... Autumn, what fruits will you bear?!


Art Expression said...

Lovely girl....she is beautiful = )

Kristin said...

Hi I just discovered you through willowing's ning site and I wanted to say that I love your artwork!! I am a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan, my main love being fairies, and so I automatically am in love with your art :-D I imagine your part in Life Book will be fantastic!! I am currently trying to win a spot in that on some other sites so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I cannot wait to see more of your work and possible be taught by you :)

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