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21 September 2011

OMGlitter! Fabulous news:

Yours truely will be a guest teacher on the newest YEAR LONG online art course by Willowing!

Every month, a new lesson, a new adventure, a new creative journey into self.

We'll be making our own art journals, one page/spread every month, and then finally, at the end of year, binding them together with an ancient binding method. We'll also be making new friends along the way, as members of the course will have the oppertunity to share pictures of their pages, discuss their experiences, and interact with other workshop members on -- yay!

There are so many awesome guest teachers, and of course, the fabulous Tamara Laport (aka Willowing) who will be sharing, guiding, and inspiring, each offering her own personal touch to this jam-packed workshop! My featured guest lesson is at the end of this book, but I'll also have a few surprise tutorials popping up from time to time, throughout the course.

To find out more about this course, the teachers, and the payment plans, and to purchase a place on this course please go here: Click here to view more details

Get your pens and brushes ready, folks!
I hope to see you on the Life Book course!


LindieLee said...

Are you the new first teacher for January? If so, I guess even if your not. I would like to know the kind and size of paper we'll be working with. Once in a while the craft store here has a 50% off coupon and I would love to take advantage of that. I love your work by the way and I'm deeply looking forward to when you teach.
God bless ya,

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