Life Book : January : My Goddess Super Powers

05 January 2012

January 2012, wow! It's here... and so far, the world is still turning, hehe. Which means, of course, that the glitter is still flying all over my flat. . . And. . . Life Book has begun !!!

I begin with a project by Tamara Laporte (aka Willowing) : My Goddess Super Powers
It's mixed media, on paper, with a nifty fold-out bit on the side, and is meant to represent ones' inner Goddess awesomeness, complete with a list of ones' Goddess Super Powers.

I opted for a self portrait, and overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it all came out.

It was diffcult to make the list of my possitive qualities, because let's face it, giving oneself due praise is not always an easy task, especially when the gremlins of guilt and self-doubt come creeping in to spoil the party. (Who invited them, anways?!) But in the end, I managed to kick the party-crashing gremlins out for the night, and made my list of nicities without too much suffering afterall. It felt good to allow myself to praise myself, to focus on the parts of Me that are commendable and amazing, and worthy of acknowledgement. Yay for Me! hehe.

Mediums Used: water-soluable crayons, watercolour and acrylic paints, graphite pencil, ink pen, stamping (with ink), paper collage, glitter, and rhinestones.

It was fun to make collage on the fold out panel. I used bits of old dictionary pages and some decorative scrapbooking papers that had antique text and handwriting on them. After collaging all the paper scraps, I added some layers of acrylic and watercolour paints, before going on to add the decorative elements and sentiment.

At the top of the page, I wrote: "The Goddess wakes within me"
and then I picked three words, based on my list of qualities, that I felt encompased my attributes, as a synopsis.

I had to laugh at myself a little bit... I just had to alphabetize my list... oh, librarian's wife, what a nerd you are! haha!

My Goddess Crown of stars is thouroughly glittered
(although difficult to catch the sparkles on camera.)
"I am made of stars "
All of the borders are glittered, too.

I glittered the text with a glitter gel pen + glue pen and more loose glitter...
just to be sure it was properly ├╝ber sparkly.

The last little touch to this painting was in the bottom right corner of my list. There was a tiny paint blob that made me think of a leaf, so I added more, and then some delicate branches. Of the entire piece, I think this is my most favourite part of all.


kattyg said...

it's great!!! love it so much!!!

Persephone! said...

Its wonderful Bonnie xx

Tinkerbell said...

Hi Bonnie Rose...Hopped over here after seeing your beautiful Lifebook page on the Facebook group. I have a quick technique question for you if you don't mind. I just watched your "watercolor over colored pencil" video and was wondering what brand pencils you are using. I've got a couple of kinds but not particularly happy with them and would love to find something that will stay in place when watercoloring. Thanks! -Katherine

Piarom said...

wow found your blog over the lifebook page on FB. I REALLY LOVE your goddess page!! It is stunning. All the beautiful details and glitters. I am amazed and can´t get my eyes off of it :-)

Blissful Pumpkin said...

Bonnie, your page has turned out beautifully. You have a lovely style and I love that you chose to do a self-portrait. I still haven't started mine yet, but hope to soon. See you over at Life Book.
Kyles :D

Lucy Chen said...

It's beautiful and you look so cute!

Cameron said...

This is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful way to highlight all the good things within us :D

I love your writing, too!

Kate P. said...

Bonnie - this is breath-taking and so much of 'you' is in there - truly beautiful. And with all the sparkles you're a gal after my own heart!

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