Face #12: a collaged nude

13 May 2012

Now an even dozen! This is my 12th piece for the "29 Faces of May" challenge : Similar in style to the previous nude, she's drawn with coloured pencil and graphite, over a layer of collaged book pages and gesso. The title "Le Voile de Mariage"is French for "The Wedding Veil."

I wanted to keep it light and classical, and I really liked the way the piece looked with one arm & hand unshaded, so I left it as-is. It makes me imagine that the figure is gradually coming to life on the page, and I think it accentuates the delicateness of the piece, overall.

#12:  "Le Voile de Mariage"
coloured pencil, graphite, watercolour, gesso, and collage on paper
46 x 38 cm

 This piece has more texture than the previous drawing. I layered the gesso on more thickly, and did a bit of scraping and sponging to get little nuances onto the surface.

Here she is with "All Saints' Day"...


artlover said...

Absolutely gorgeous Bonnie..love,love,love it!

Cheryl Apple said...

Your art is such an inspiration, Bonnie. I'm so happy that you're sharing it in the 29 Faces challenge.

Bonnie Rose Bryan said...

Thank you for the lovely compliments... so happy that you've enjoyed my work :)

Piarom said...

ohhh I love them so much and all the yummy texture!!!

helloitssandra.blogspot.com said...

I love your work, Its an inspiration to see someone who can make art in so many different media and styles.

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