Face #15 : Peony

19 May 2012

 For this painting, I wanted to keep it soft and delicate, sticking with a limited pastel palette, but leaving in some rough and sketchy elements.

There's lots of strong contour happening here, particularly in the flower petals, and I left in lots of scribbled graphite and coloured pencil shading on the hair and a bit on the face.

I wanted the figure to have a gentle, dreamy expression, and to have an almost biomorphic relationship with the flowers and leaves. I interpret her as being liken to a dryad, in the sense that she is the humanoid incarnation of the flower.

The layer of gesso is considerably thicker in this piece, as compared to the other recent works that I've made in this manner. The thicker gesso gave me an opportunity to create stronger textures and nuances under the drawing.

Rather than using watercolour paint, I opted for water-soluble crayon as the primary medium for this piece, as I wanted it to have an oil pastel like appearance, and less transparency and fluidity than what I would have had with the watercolours.

"Peony" is face #15 in my "29 Faces of May" challenge.
I'm really pleased with how she turned out!

The actual painting is less "blueish" than how she appears in these photos. 
It's difficult to photograph pastel colours on cloudy days... alas...

water-soluble crayon, watercolour, coloured pencil, graphite, gesso and collage on paper
46 x 38 cm
17 May 2012

Oh, check out all that awesome texture !

 I love the little angle on her cheek :


I think it looks like a closeup of a fingerprint...

The peony itself was one of the most challenge parts of this painting.
I wanted to give the petals some depth and dimension, but I had to be careful
not to over-work it, so as to keep the look loose and soft, like the rest of the painting.

dreamy dreamy <3


Chris said...

Stunning Bonnie... your art is amazing so beautiful!!
Chris x

Jenxo said...

i have just scrolled thru all your faces, your paintings are just beautiful, i love the texture and the lovely colors you use.....what a gift you have :)

artlover said...

I like your recent drawings.
So beautiful!

Tammie Lee said...

such a beautiful and dreamy piece. the texture is wonderful as well as the detail amongst simple lines...

Piarom said...

She is so awesome! Love all the texture and the light colorscheme!!

Viola said...

I can surely understand why you are pleased with this gorgeous piece of work, it is fabulous! :) So fantastic!

Walk in the Woods said...

This is really beautiful. I love how you use the watercolor color pencils, blending some and leaving some ~ it really add interest and variety to the overall image. And, yeah, I love the background texture, and I feel that the way you use those pencils really complements it!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh my goodness! I love her. She is so soft and pretty with such great texture too. I just love the color palette. Beautiful, beautiful work!!

Fonda Haight said...

Love the textures! So ethereal. I really like your style! Hey I see we're both on Willowing.ning too!

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