Faces 10 & 11 : Jareth & a simple nude

12 May 2012

Continuing with the "29 Faces of May" challenge, today's paintings were all about space, text, and limited colour.

I wanted the figures to be off-set, with lots and lots of negative space, filled with text and splashes of muted colour.

I began, last night, with a portrait of David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King, from the film Labyrinth (a personal fav!) It was a wonderful challenge, as I rarely paint men. The lyrics of the song "Within You" (from the film) take the shape of a labyrinth, twisting and turning in the background, filling the vast space behind the figure.

# 10 : "Jareth, the Globlin King"
watercolour, ink, water-soluble crayon, and graphite on paper
46 x 38 cm

I wanted the background to have a damp, mouldy, rainy, gobliny sort of look, so I layered, splashed, and dripped greens, golds, cool violets, blues, browns, and black until it was just right.

 I highlighted some areas of text by retracing the lettering with water-soluble crayon,
 to make particular words and phrases more prominent in the menagerie of text.

"I move the stars for no one" is my favourite line of the song...
Gives me shivers, every time!


The next painting is a simple little nude, influenced by a vintage photograph.

I created a collage of book pages from old French and English dictionaries, a Jane Austin, and a French children's science text book from the 1940's (hurrah for flea market finds!). The collage was quickly covered in gesso, then a bit of watercolour and ink staining, and finally, the figure was done with graphite and shaded with coloured pencil.

While I was collaging, a dictionary entry for All Saints' Day caught my eye... and hence, the title of the painting :

                                                             #11 : "All Saints' Day"
                         collage, gesso, watercolour, ink, graphite, and coloured pencil on paper
                                                                      36 x 26.5 cm

 I tried to keep the shading very light, as I wanted the piece
 to be delicate and minimal, with lots of open space.

 I love the subtle textures that the book pages make under the gesso.

I'm so pleased with how this painting came out in the end, that I will most definitely make more in the same style.


Tammie Lee said...

these are both wonderful, a delight to see.
i also looked at your other entries for 29 faces, each one is fabulous.

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh Bonnie... you have just reminded me of Labyrinth... I have seen that movie so many times in past years and LOVE it... your Jareth is amazing... awesome... fab little nude lady too... think I need to pull that movie out of my collection now and rewatch it:))

Jenny x

Bonnie Rose Bryan said...

Thank you ladies :) So happy that you enjoyed my work.
Jenny, I love Labyrinth! You totally need to pull it out and give it a rewatch, especially if it's a rainy day :)

Cameron said...

I agree with you...that line from the song is so powerful! Even my 6 year old loves that movie :)

Your pieces are always astonishingly beautiful!

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