Odin : Finished !

24 August 2013

black coloured pencil on A4 paper
22 & 23 August 2013

I like the way the metalic shine came out, on his crown.

 I loved drawing all of these wrinkles!

(The runic alphabet)

I got a bit stressed about the ravens. I wanted to keep them dark black, but still show some dimention in the feathers... I kept reminding myself : "don't overshade! don't overshade!"

 Of course, the knotwork in the wolves was tricky, but I'm pleased with the results. Actually, I think drawing the braids in his beard were more difficult than the knotwork. It's weird, how sometimes you think it's going to be simple, and then it turns out to be a stress-test, and something you think is going to be a nightmare actually goes smoothly. Art never fails to surprise me!


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