7-point Faerie Star (finished!)

04 September 2013

Finished, at last! "7-point Faerie Star" illustration for the book, Even Odd. 
Although it's mostly in soft greys, it's actually all done in black coloured pencil.

 I'm quite pleased with how it turned out -- particularly with the Art Nouveau touches, the irises, and the male fae in the center.

 I don't often draw male faeries (it seems most people don't...) so it was an interesting challenge for me to draw a fae who is delicate, with tapered limbs, and yet still masculine. He became my favourite of all the seven.

I also like to draw faeries' backs, showing how their wings attach to their bodies. Most people avoid this even more than they do male faes, which is understandable, since it's difficult to find live faerie models who are willing to show you their backs... I think it's one of the best kept secrets in faeryland!

Forget-me-nots and Fairy Thimbles...

Lily-of-the-valley and Iris...
(I'm also quite fond of this sneaky guy, who's popping in, upside down)

... which of these faeries is your favourite?


Lucy Chen said...

Whoa! Bonnie! I so admire your drawing skills and your imagination!

Cara said...

This is so, so gorgeous!

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