Sketchbook : White Buffalo Calf Woman, Pin-Up Doodles, & Fan Art

04 September 2013

I'm attempting Ayla Art's "29 Faces" challenge this month, starting off with some sketchbook concept work and doodles:

Concept sketches for an upcoming illustration of White Buffalo Calf Woman

Some whimsical pin-up doodles

Little sketchy doodle inspired by the character Akeginu, from the manga/anime series Basilisk

... 5 faces done, 24 to go!


Marianne said...

Wauw. These faces are awesome. Stunning drawings!
xxx Marianne MW

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

I just love your White Buffalo Calf Woman … and those whimsies are pretty cool, too!

MeOfCourse said...

Great sketches, love them all. Wonderful work. Thanks.

Paper rainbow said...

Your pencil drawings are great, especially love the white buffalo woman!!

Francie said...

Very good drawings. I have been considering doing some Native American faces also.

Annie said...

Hi Bonnie,
Love the concept sketch of the Buffalo woman. So is hauntingly beautiful.

Cherie Balowski said...

Such lovely faces! I love them all!

Diane ~ said...

your work is wonderful!

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