Björk in amethyst

12 January 2014

Björk in amethyst

watercolour, graphite, and acrylic on 30 cm x 40 cm paper

I was listening to a stellar mix, that a friend put together, of beautiful Björk songs, and felt absolutely inspired to paint this portrait. Vespertine is, without a doubt, my all-time favourite of her albums, so I wanted to capture the frost-sparkling, crystalline energy of the sound, while incorporating white swan feathers with delicacy and subtlety.

I'm definitely having a "violet" phase at the moment. I was drawn to keep the pallet simple and pure, keeping with amethyst and cold, pale blue hues.

"Who would have known
A beauty this immense
Who would have known
A saintly trance... "

I'm really fascinated by the little pointy shape in the center of her lower lip.
 It's so lovely and peculiar. . .

"One day it'll happen... one day it'll all come true..."

"When your eyes pause on the ball
That hangs on the third branch from the star,
You remember why it is dark
And why it gets light again"

"... I swallow little glowing lights
My mother and son baked for me ..."

"All is full of love . . . "


Raine said...

This is stunning!!! What a gorgeous work of art! I'm really impressed. Thanks for posting this.

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