I made a friend of the western sky (portrait of Tori Amos)

04 January 2014

"I made a friend of the western sky (portrait of Tori Amos)"
watercolour and graphite on A4 paper
Inspired by the B-side, "Honey"
Happy 20th Anniversary to Amos' 2nd album, Under the Pink!

I've been aiming to make more dynamic shadows, so I went a bit out of my "comfort zone" with this piece, using a lot of violet and umber for the shadows, and trying to stay away from my go-to black.

I also tried to get a bit of a sfmuato effect, allowing the shading to stay soft, and letting some of the edges blend with / fade into the background. I really like how this worked, and I think it gives the painting a slightly dreamy look.

The colour palette comes from "the western sky", and my memories of the New Mexican landscape (where Amos recorded Under the Pink.)

"Just skiptaloo my darlin'..."

"Don't bother coming down, I made a friend of the western sky..."

"I love to watch those cowboys ride.
But cowboys know that cowgirls ride on the Indian side..."

"You're just too used to my honey"


Lucy Chen said...

Your watercolor is so beautiful. Bonnie!

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