Jareth and Sarah

07 January 2014

Jareth and Sarah
(Labyrinth movie fan art)
watercolour, graphite, acrylic, and ink on A4 paper

"It's only forever, not long at all..."
This lyric had been stuck in my head for a few days, so I figured it was trying to tell me that some Labyrinth fan art needed to happen!

"Everything I've done, I've done for you. 
I move the stars for no one."

"For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great...
You have no power over me."

" Though we're strangers 'til now,
We're choosing the path
Between the stars.
I'll leave my love
Between the stars."

Since Jareth is the Goblin King, I added
Mormodes sinuata, "goblin" orchids, on his side.
" I'll place the moon within your heart..."

"... as the world falls down... falling... falling... falling in love..."

And just in case you're wondering what this is all about:


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