05 April 2014

I'm painting again . . .

This painting comes after a long month of rest, reflection,  and regeneration.

Lately, my chronic health issues have been an upward battle, and it's not so surprising that I've been feeling depressed and depleated (since my mother's death, in November) so it seems I've had no will to communicate with my painterly muses, or, perhaps, they have been giving me a little time to myself.

Through the month of March, I did a lot of introspection about growth. No doubt, the spring buds and cherry blossoms have had a hand in this... but, growth, rebirth, and reinvention of the self have much been on my mind of late.

(more pictures below the cut. . . )

It all started with a need to sketch . . . no plan . . . just intuative drawing.

And then, paint happend . . .
water-soluable crayons, watercolour, and a bit of salt

  The finished painting:

water-soluable crayon, watercolour, graphite, and salt on A4 paper
4 & 5 April, 2014

The 8 orbs in the background are inspired by
 "The 8 of Pentacles" card, from classic Tarot:
Apprenticeship, craftsmanship, hard work, diligence, focus.  

I also see them as representing progressions of the sun . . .
And a halo . . .

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud 
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin


Lucy Chen said...

She's beautiful Bonnie! It seems Tarot has always been a source of inspiration for you. And thank you for passing on the inspiration.

Steampunk Suzy said...

I love your artistic creation. Have you heard of Lisa Sonora Beam?

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