Portrait: "Tori Amos (revving from a central source)"

11 April 2014

 "Tori Amos (revving from a central source)"
water-soluable crayons, watercolour, and graphite on paper

I'm super excited about Tori's new album (Unrepentant Geraldines, which hits the shelves next month!) So, I went a big listening binge, and about an hour into the playlist, I came to Suede (from To Venus and Back), and when it got the line "revving, yes, revving from a central source," it just shouted, "Paint me!" ... so I did.

I wanted to show sexually-charged, fluidic energy...
 a flow of motion, like a the feeling of an engine revving up...
a little off-kilter, a little haphazard...
 lots of purples and some lagoon blues...
a sort of lucid dream space...

I went digging through some photos and found a few to use as references, put the song on repeat, and then I let this painting exploded out of my brushes!

"... anybody knows, you can conjure anything by the dark of the moon ... "

"... revving from an ether twist ..."

 ... can't you just hear the pedal ?!

 I love the little purple reflection, under her knee... this is my fav bit of the whole painting.

"... peekaboo, hiding, underneath your skin..."

"... into my bayou ... "
"... a mass, so big, it can swallow, swallow, swallow her whole star intact..."



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