Meeting Tori Amos + the concert in Paris

22 May 2014

Last Saturday, on 17 May, I took the train up to Paris to rendez-vous with friends, and then to (hopefully) meet Tori Amos and see the show at Le Grand Rex.

Luckily, there was a meet-&-greet that day (the first in Paris since 2009!) so I had the opportunity to tell her how much I LOVE the new record (Unrepentant Geraldines), as well as get an autograph (to me and my husband, on the song lyrics for Selkie,) and I gave her two gifts: a painting, and a copy of my book....

Tori, being really (adorable) pleased when I told her how much I love Unrepentant Geraldines.

"Could you sign Selkie, for my husband and me" I asked. "I loved this song the first time I heard it. It hit me right in the heart, and I thought, 'I know exactly what she's talkin' about!' because I came across the sea, from America, to be with husband, in France. He's my sweet soulmate, and he keeps my selkie skin safe."  We had a little giggle, as she signed my CD...

The day before the show, I'd painted a series of 10 (!) postcard sized paintings, inspired by the title track, Unrepentant Geraldines. Made with watercolour and ink pen, each one is a little bit different.

I gave 5 paintings to the friends who had pitched-in to buy my concert ticket (as a cheering-up gift, after my mom died,) gave 1 to the friend who was hosting me for the night in Paris,  sold 2 at the venue, before the show,  kept 1 for me ... and gave 1 to Tori.

 This is the one I gave to Tori :

Giving the painting to Tori...

And then I presented my book, Garden of Illumination ...

"So my mom and I made a book together, with my paintings and her poetry..."

"My mom died, last November..." I said.
Tears sprang up in her eyes...

"My mom's last request of me was that I give you a copy of our book, should I ever have the chance to go to another meet."  I told her, "She really loved Night of Hunters, and really understood the special energy that happens when mothers and daughters co-create..."

"Yes, yes!" she said, with a twinkle coming into her eyes, behind the tears.

Opening up the book, I said, "It has a mythological and esoteric theme."

"Oh wow..." she said...

Tori gave the book to her assistant, Mindi, and said:
 "This goes in the bus! This is my reading material for tonight." 

 I was, as you can imagine, over the moon!

Tori thanked me, and we had a hug... a quick, but truly awesome hug!

 This meet was a really beautiful moment... bitter-sweet, but really precious to me.

I had requested Strawberry Fields, for the "Lizard Lounge" (where Tori plays cover songs, in the concert,) but she said she wasn't sure if she could learn it well enough, during sound check, to play it at this show, but that "it might show up elsewhere, in the world". Tori asked if I was attending any other shows, which, sadly, I was not, but, just in case she does play it, I'm sure I'll find it out there, somewhere (horray for bootlegers!)

As I was leaving, Mindi called me over and said that Tori was going to upgrade my ticket... what a gift! I was so excited, I'm shocked that I didn't float!

When I came back that evening, to pick up the new ticket, I was absolutely floored that Mindi offered to upgrade the 3 friends who I was sitting with, as well! What a totally unexpected and generous gift... So, Mindi gave me a handful of tickets: FRONT ROW, and said, "These are really good seats,"  And so they were... and so, indeed, they were. <3 The best in the house.

The show was like hallucinating on rainbow vapours... I felt totally glazed-over after an incredibly gorgeous and intimate set of (lots of favourite!) songs, including the live debut of Weatherman, and an amazing, thundering finale of Lady In Blue. I thought surely, I was dying, that all of my molecules were flying apart from the shockwave of awesomeness that was exploding off of the stage!

From the bottom of my watercolour heart:
 Thank you, sweet Ears With Feet friends...
Thank you Mindi...
Thank you Tori...
... for making this dream come true <3

If you would like to have your own copy of my book, 
  Garden of Illumination

VIDEO of my meet with Tori:

VIDEOS from the show:

(vids and photos, generously shared, from: 
Stephane, Deborah, Inge, Scarlett, Adrian, and Ellis. Merci, mes cheres amis!)


Lucy Chen said...

OH Bonnie, this is so sweet, and yes bitter sweet. My eyes welled up too as read about you sharing the memory of your mother. What a soulful moment of connection you had and shared! It's beautiful!

Lucas Otesbelgue Henes said...

It must have been an unforgettable moment for you. With each passing day, I fall more and more in love with her songs. How beautiful this meeting. Your story is very touching.

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