"Weatherman" series of postcard paintings

19 June 2014

"Weatherman" 12 postcard paintings
watercolour and graphite on paper
17 and18 June 2014

Inspired by the song "Weatherman" from Tori Amos' new album, Unrepentant Geraldines. 
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"Weatherman" is, without a doubt, my favourite song from the album; it made me weep upon first listen, and it still brings tears to my eyes every time...
The exquisite lyrical poetry and haunting, delicate melody bring my heart to its knees.

The lyrics are inspired by the works and painting philosophy of Cessane, who would see the forms of women while observing nature. The lyrics tell the story of a widower who sees his wife in all of nature, through the seasons.

Weatherman, live in Paris, 17 May 2014
(merci Stephane!)

"Cloaked in echo it's almost
As if only Nature knows
How to bring his wife to life
And breathe her into form..."

12 sketched paintings : an exercise in focus.

"He knows every moor and mound
Every curve of every hill
A shoulder of the mountain
Where they watched a thousand dawns"

" One more look from her eyes
One more look can you paint her back to life "


Lucy Chen said...

Oh the lyric is quite sad. Tori's voice is beautiful, it penetrates your soul.

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