Les Larmes

05 October 2014

Les Larmes
The Tears
acrylic, gesso, and varnish over paper collage
A3 (11.7" x 16.5")
4 October 2014

The first painting in my "Grief" series, which I began, yesterday.

I bottle-in my feelings, and tend to keep my emotional sufferings and traumas to myself. In the past, I was never comfortable with creating artworks as a means to express my most personal and sensitive emotions... it felt too much like letting the world read my diary... but, recently, I've come to terms with my need to make expressive works. The feeling of release which followed this painting spree was, indeed, quite liberating.

This is one of my two favourites from the series, thus far.

(more pics, behind the cut...) 


At the bottom of the painting, I mixed some vanish into the wet paint and gesso, to create a glistening pool of tears.


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