Happy Halloween

02 November 2014


Much to my joy, we actually had 10 trick-or-treaters this year!
 (Halloween is still a new phenomenon in France.) 

After our delicious roasted pumpkin feast, we took loads of pics (thanks much to David Helsten for taking our couples shots!) and then settled in to Hitchock's Psycho on bluray (sooo good!)

I hope you had a delightfully spooky Halloween!

 Lots of pics after the cut... 


Apparently, balancing fruit on my head is all the rage around here.
First pomegranate, and now pumpkin...

The Tao of the Pumpkin

 (and yes, those are T.A.R.D.I.S. themed embroideries back there, hehe.)

A little sip of absinthe... this witch's favourite brew!

The witch, the Reaper, and the Cotton ball... 

This one gives me a wild west vibe...

 Lucien channels Golum...

LOL . . . Happy Halloween!


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