Leaving Terra (portrait of Tori Amos)

11 November 2014

"Leaving Terra"
a portrait of Tori Amos
chalk pastel on tinted A4 paper
10 November 2014

Inspired by the song Scarlet's Walk (from the album of the same name).
Yesterday, I was listening to this album and, as always, it was reaching into my heart and stiring things up... the colours of red clay earth always come to mind when I hear it, so I went to them in the studio, and we had a visual conversation.

This drawing helped to remind me everything about why I love chalk pastels.

More pics behind the cut . . .

"...i will follow her on her path
scarlet's walk through the voilets
just tell your gods for me
all debts are off this year
they're free to leave
yes they're free to leave
leaving terra leaving terra..."


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