The last of 2014, the first of 2015

02 January 2015

The end of the sketchbook has come, just at the threshold of the new year. The last drawing was started on 29 December 2014, and finished on 2 January 2015...

"An Ending, A Beginning"
graphite and contemplation on paper

More pics after the cut . . .

The snow was falling, and a faerie came to visit...
 (29 December 2014)

The background begins to emerge...
(30 December 2014)

Finished, on the morning of 2 January 2015

 Timeless, both young and old, she is both a beginning and an ending, both innocent and wise.

 freckles kiss her cheeks and nose

 A crystal orb, ancient secrets glimmering within

 A mysterious little path, off into the wildland. . .

 Crystals dangle from her delicate antlers

 Glinting in the sun

 A crown of starlight

I hope 2015 will be a year of happy times, prosperity, and growth for you and your loved ones.
So it ends... so it begins.


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