The truth lies in between the 1st and the 40th drink

21 June 2015

I did this illustration as a submission to a (Tori Amos themed) charity fundraising cookbook, for RAINN.

Each character represents a song:

 " The truth lies in between the 1st and the 40th drink "
(ink and coloured pencil on A4 paper ; June 2015)

(Some of them are saying lyrics. The title of the drawing comes from Concertina.)
I tried to capture the look of the songs through colour (I often "hear" the colour of songs) and posture; some of the song characters resemble Tori (from the era when the song was released), while others take on a look that is either described or implied, directly, by the song (like Toast's "honey hair", and Cactus Practice's  Native American look (from the implication of the sacred cactus rituals of North and South America), with white Goose feathers in her hair, to represent the shape shifting character of Anabelle (who co-sings her song, on the song-cycle album Night of Hunters.)
I really enjoyed making this drawing, and it has inspired me to create more illustrations in this vein.
Check out some close-up details of this drawing & lyrics that inspired the characters' design ....

"Clouds descending..."
"She likes hanging Chinese paper cuts..."
"The truth lies in between the 1st and the 40th drink..."
Big Wheel
"But baby, I don't need your cash, Mama got it all in hand now..."
"I am a M-I-L-F, don't you forget!"
"I've been drinkin' down your pain, gonna turn that whiskey into rain and wash it away..."

Programmable Soda
"Too much cherry?  Baby, then you can just add cola..."

"She with her honey hair..."
"the flames you stirred, butter yellow... "
"I raise a glass, make a toast, a toast in your honor..."

Sweet Sangria
"I know you know every desperado and sharp shooter in the West... "
"Balmy days,  sweet sangria,  she's been gone,  have you seen her... "
Our New Year
"Glasses raised, we all say 'cheers'..."

"I'll do this last one and I'll grow me some wine. Leave them troubled boys all behind... "

"I am piecing a potion, to combat your poison... "

"I know all the robins bring, bring me many things, but sugar, he brings me sugar..."

Muhammed, My Friend
"Muhammed, my friend, it's time to tell the world, we both know it was a girl, back in Bethlehem. And on that fateful day, when she was crucified, she wore Shisedo red, and we drank tea by her side..."
"Sweet, sweet, sweet, between the boys and the bees..."
"And Moses I know, I know you've seen fire, but you've never seen fire, until you've seen Pele blow!"
 Cactus Practice
"I'd like to induct you into the drink of the cactus practice..."

"get out of my garden!"
"Datura... mexican bush sage ... black magic ti... chocolate cherries alamanda ... bleeding heart ... downy jasmine ... frangipani... " (The majority of this song's lyrics are a list of plants, from Tori's garden, some of which are hallucinogenic. )
"Is there room in my heart,  for you to follow your heart,  and not need more blood,  from the tip of your star..."


.... which character is your favourite?


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